How To: eBooks

The Little Red Guide has embraced digital publishing in a big way. We are committed to providing our titles in multiple formats to suit as many book lovers as possible. To that end, we have launched our first book, Propose, Celebrate, Delight: Romantic & Fun Ideas For Marriage Proposals, Birthdays, & Anniversaries, for the Amazon Kindle as well as paperback. Additional eBook formats are on the way!

How do I access my Kindle eBook?

Once you have bought a Kindle book on Amazon, it is added to your Kindle Library. Now you need a way to read it. You have two main choices:

  1. Use a free reading app on your tablet, phone, or computer
  2. Use a dedicated Kindle reading device

One great thing about eBooks is that you can start reading your book one way and then continue reading it on another device or app. Your library stays “in the cloud” but you can access it from any compatible reader.

Free Reading Apps

You already have the necessary equipment to read a Kindle book – a computer with an Internet connection! You may also have a mobile device, and chances are good that there’s a compatible and free Kindle app you can download and use to access your Kindle books. Here are some links to help you find the app that fits your needs:

  1. Cloud Reader – all you need is a web browser
  2. Mobile Devices:
  3. Personal Computer:

Don’t see your platform listed? Click here for a full list of free Kindle apps.

Dedicated eReader Devices

Here are some of our favorite devices for reading enthusiasts. Pick the one that suits you. These also make fantastic gifts!

Kindle Fire HD 8.9″

The top-of-the-line Kindle, this full-featured Android tablet sports a beautiful 8.9-inch full-color display and can also run additional apps available from the Amazon app store.


Kindle Fire HD 7″

A smaller Kindle Fire, this full-color tablet has all the great features of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, in a more portable package.

Kindle Paperwhite

A significant upgrade to the classic, e-Ink-based Kindle readers, this version has a whiter background and sharper text. This is a pure reading device for the dedicated book lover. No multimedia or color, just a lightweight, high-quality reading device that can hold hundreds or even thousands of books.

Kindle Classic

The most affordable and portable choice, the upgraded version of the original Kindle reader is a great entry-level device for casual readers.