Break Out the Take Out

fortune-cookie-1849987If you are planning to propose marriage with the snap of an opening fortune cookie or celebrate a birthday or anniversary this way, here are some online fortune cookie purveyors. Write a personal message and order for delivery! (I recommend that you check turnaround times.)

If the company’s timeline does not work for your plans, consider the DIY method discussed in my book, Propose, Celebrate, Delight.

If you have additional fortune cookie suggestions, please leave a comment below! Thanks!


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  1. Marylouise Lugosch
    Marylouise Lugosch September 16, 2013 at 3:58 pm |

    This is a great little book, chock full of wonder ideas for proposals and romantic ideas. I’m proud to be associated with Emma and her endeavors. I’ll be sending this to all my soon to be engaged young friends!